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Completion requirements

There are three categories of assessments in this course:

Assessment AS: self-evaluation, reflective journals, blogs

Assessment FOR: discussions, activities

Assessment OF: essays, tests, quizzes, e-portfolios and the final exam

As you work through the content of this course, you will periodically come across instructions for you to submit assignments for assessment or evaluation. There will be directions to guide you to the proper place for submission of your assignment or activity.


Assessment AS

Some of the activities in the course are designed to help monitor your progress towards achieving your learning goals and your overall understanding of the course content. They will not be given a formal mark, but do contribute to the development of the student as an autonomous learner. Self-evaluations, reflective journals and blogs are among the student-directed activities that can be found throughout the course.

Assessment FOR

A number of assignments to be completed throughout the course, will sometimes occur at the start of a unit of study to help your teacher determine what you already know about the concepts presented in the course. You will also complete assignments throughout the unit of study to help your teacher determine the progress of your learning. These assignments will not be given a formal mark, but assist your teacher in supporting you as you move through the content and contribute to the overall picture of you as a learner when a final evaluation is considered. You will receive descriptive, detailed, and individualized feedback from your teacher after completing these assignments that indicate how to progress to a higher level of learning and achievement. Quizzes and class discussion are among the activities that fall into this category.

Assessment OF

Finally, there are a number of assignments for which you will achieve a formal grade or mark from your teacher. These assignments may be completed throughout the unit of study, but often occur towards the end. Your teacher will provide descriptive, detailed, and individualized feedback on each assignment that indicates how you might improve your overall mark and continue to progress towards the achievement of the learning goals in the course. Assignments to be marked for evaluation may include quizzes, tests, essays, e-portfolios, and the final exam.

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